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    Stainless steel coils are usually 0.5 to 20 mm in diameter and 0.1 to 2.0 mm in thickness. They are widely used in chemical industry, machinery, electronics, power, textile, rubber, food, medical equipment, aviation, aerospace, communications, petroleum and other industrial fields.
    The heat treatment of stainless steel coil is generally to accept solid solution heat treatment, so what should be paid attention to in production and processing, the following will be explained in detail.
    1. Whether the annealing temperature can reach the regular temperature.
    The heat treatment of stainless steel coil is generally to accept solid solution heat treatment, which is commonly called "annealing", and the temperature is limited to 1040-1120 ("Japan Specification").
    2. Annealing atmosphere.
    Pure hydrogen is usually used as annealing atmosphere, the purity of the atmosphere is more than 99.99%. If the other part of the atmosphere is inert gas, the purity can also be lower, but it can not contain too much oxygen and water vapor.
    3. Sealability of furnace body.
    Bright annealing furnace should be blocked from the outside air; hydrogen is used as maintenance gas, as long as one exhaust port is open (used to ignite the exhausted hydrogen).
    The method of introspection can be used to smear soap water on the cracks of each joint of annealing furnace to see if it can run out of gas. The place where the gas easily runs out is the place where the annealing furnace enters and leaves the tube. This local seal ring is particularly easy to wear and tear, so we should often reflect and change it.
    4. Maintenance of air pressure.
    In order to avoid slight leakage of stainless steel coil, the furnace maintenance gas should adhere to the necessary positive pressure. If hydrogen maintenance gas is used, the general requirement is more than 20 kBar.
    5. Water vapor in the furnace.
    On the one hand, to reflect on whether the furnace body data can be dull, first load the furnace, the furnace body data need to be dried; on the other hand, whether the stainless steel coil into the furnace can retain excessive water stains, if there are holes on the special tubes, do not leak in, or the furnace atmosphere will be completely destroyed.
    Stainless steel coil is a kind of hollow stainless steel tube. Its production process is more and more difficult for different types of technology. Therefore, special care should be taken in the processing.http://www.szaoan.com
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